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Gizliyara Güncel Konu Arşivi ve Bilgi Hazinesi Forumunda İngilizce ev ve çevre tanıtımı Konusunu Okuyorsunuz..
  1. Ziyaretçi

    İngilizce ev ve çevre tanıtımı

    İngilizce yaşadığım yeri ve evimi tanıtmam gerekiyor. Bu konuda bir örnek verebilir misiniz lütfen?

  2. Mine
    Devamlı Üye

    İngilizce ev ve çevre tanıtımı

    The home features 5 bedrooms, a finished attic, several offices, a great room with wet bar and large fireplace and several stone terraces. The property is bordered on 2 sides by land trust and includes a guesthouse, pool, tennis court, pond with waterfall, magnificent antique trees and mature landscaping.
    The house sits on 4.7 acres, has 4,600 square feet, five bedrooms, a guest house, pool, and a pond with a waterfall. The asking price is USD 2.2 million.

  3. Ziyaretçi
    Cvbınız için teşekkür ederim.Bu yazıyı bende bulmuştum fakat daha uzun ve evin odalarını ayrıntılı anlatan bir yazı bulmanız mümkün mü acaba?

  4. merbur1997
    Yeni Üye
    çevre tanıtımı lütfen acacle edin lütfen..!! yarına kadar bitmesi lazım fakat ev tanıtımı değil çevre tanıtımı iştee lütfenn..:((

  5. HAYAT
    Devamlı Üye
    Ancak bunu bulabildim

    ingilizce olarak çevre kirliliği

    Pollution has become a major issue over the years. It has caused death, disease, and many health problems. It is a major concern of our world today and not much is being done to prevent it. If not all, a lot of pollution is caused by humans. There are different types like industrial, agricultural, etc. Many people are realizing now the threat that pollution poses to humans.

    There are three main types of pollution. They are land, air, and water pollution.

    Land pollution deals with dumps or other harmful substances. Strip mining, digging, and irrigation are types of land pollution also. They aren’t as harmful to us but they scar and hurt the land. Landfills are a major source of pollution. Most are infested with disease or with animals carrying disease. Many contain harmful chemicals that seep into the land or gasses that cause explosions or fires. Solid and hazardous wastes are found in landfills and dumps. Solid wastes are the most visible form of land pollution. Every year, humans dispose of billions of tons of solid wastes. Most of our disposal methods cause harm to the environment. Hazardous wastes are substances released into the environment that can cause death or harm to people and their surroundings. These wastes are very hard to dispose of and usually cont-----te the environment quickly.

    Air pollution is a severe problem.The major sources of water pollution are organic pollution, agricultural pollution, runoff, toxic waste, and thermal pollution. Organic pollution is becoming more and more pressing on the environment, because of the growing population of the world. It’s a simple concept, the more people there are in one area, the more waste they will produce. For example, in a city there are so many people that the sewage plants and the environment can’t take care of all of the waste and function in its usual manner. The sewage plants do their best, but the secondary discharge that gets into the water supply causes great problems. The excess waste acts as a fertilizer or food source for algae and the growth rate is uncontrollable. Everyone has been in a lake where there is a lot of dead algae on the shore and the water is clouded with algae. This situation is known as eutrophication, where algae growth is out of control and the water becomes oxygen depleted. There are natural cycles of eutrophication in the spring and fall, but the body of water can deal with those amounts. When excess waste is added to the water the body of water can no longer control the growth of the algae and the water soon becomes algae ridden and oxygen depleted. The water becomes oxygen depleted, because the dead algae goes to the bottom and uses the oxygen in the deeper water to decompose, but if there is too much dead algae all the oxygen is depleted. Oxygen from the surface doesn’t reach the bottom, because the warmer water is less dense than the deeper cooler water, therefor the warmer water floats on the colder water and they never mix, much like oil and water. Soon the dead algae piles upon itself and makes the lake shallower, until it totally fills in and dries up.

    “Air pollution is any visible or invisible substance found in the air that is not part of the normal composition of air. Some air pollution is natural and has always been a part of the earth’s history. However, over the past one hundred years or so, pollution created by humans has become a major environmental problem. Natural air pollution has been around for millions of year. Dust and a variety of gases from forest fires, volcanoes, and decaying material in rivers, oceans, and other bodies of water continually enter the atmosphere. Sometimes this natural pollution can have dramatic effects. Air pollution is a major factor in causing humans to get ill. Tuberculosis, bronchitis, heart and chest diseases, stomach disorders, asthma and cancers can all be traced to chemicals in the air. Pesticides and fertilizers release gases and particles into the air which poison people and kill animals.”

    as a result ,All kinds of things can cause pollution and we can’t watch over everything.The government needs to strongly enforce environmental policies in order to resolve the current pollution problems.otherwise we will not be able to find a place to live…

  6. merbur1997
    Yeni Üye
    çok saolunnnnn..!! bide bi rice daha istesemm. bi röpörtajj ama sağlık röpörtajı ingilizce olarak ama o da var onu da yapamamdım lütfen yardım edin..:((

    lütfennn..!! yardım edemzmisinizz..:((

    bulamadınız mı lütfenn..!! yardım edin bana..:((

  7. HAYAT
    Devamlı Üye
    Bulamadım, Ancak bir öneride bulunayım, buradan röportajınızı bulun


    ve buradan çevirin


  8. merbur1997
    Yeni Üye
    çok teşşekkür ederimm siz çok iiisiniz yardım ettiyiniz için çoooook saolunn)

    çalışmalarımı yaptmm çok saolunn.~~ çok iisinizz..)

  9. Ziyaretçi
    I live in quite a big detached house. Downstairs there are four rooms altogether. As you come in through the front door, the first thing you see is a very big hall. At the end of the hall is a staircase leading upstairs. The first room on the right is the dining-room. Opposite this, on the left, is quite a large living-room. A door from the living-room leads to a small study. Opposite the study, next to the dining-room, is the kitchen. This is very big and very modern. It's one of our favourite rooms.

    Upstairs there are three bedrooms. As you walk along the landing towards the front of the house, there are two bedrooms on your right and one on your left. Bedroom 1 is very large and has a balcony which overlooks the garden. We often have breakfast here in the summer. Bedroom 2 is in the front of the house and the third bedroom, which we use as a spare room, is opposite the bathroom. At the end of the landing, on the left, is a separate toilet.

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