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    Jane Campion Biography (1954)

    İngilizce Biyografiler / Jane Campion Biography (1954)

    (born April 30, 1954, Wellington, N.Z.) New Zealand film director. After training as a painter in Australia, she studied filmmaking and made several notable short films. Her first feature, Sweetie (1989), was followed by the successful An Angel at My Table (1990). She wrote and directed the internationally acclaimed The Piano (1993) and directed The Portrait of a Lady (1996) and Holy Smoke (1999). Copyright © 1994-2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

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    Jane Campion (April 30, 1954 in Wellington, New Zealand) Oscar award winner film director and senaristi.th Piano film and Best Original Screenplay Academy Award received the Best Director Academy Award nomination. Wertmüller Line, Sofia Coppola and Kathryn Bigelow was nominated for this award along with four women is one. The Piano best film at the Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or was given. 2007 Venice Film Festival is one of the jury members

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