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    City Guide Aksaray - İngilizce Tanıtım

    City Guide Aksaray - İngilizce Tanıtım

    Aksaray hakkında kısa ingilizce bilgi

    Aksaray is located in middle of Anatolia region, it was an important trade centre on the ancient silk road, and nowadays it is still placed on intersection point of main roads lies between east to west and north to south. Historical background of city can be traced to 8000 BC. Years and there are cultural creations those related to various civilisations. Aksaray that sited as the beginning gate of Capadocia, offers various and interesting vacation facilities to its visitors with apart from cultural values and also natural riches.

    Districts: Ağaçören, Güzelyurt, Gülağaç, Eskil, Ortaköy, Sarıyahşi

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    How to Get

    Aksaray is placed on intersection point of road ways lies between east to west and north to south, and at the entrance place of Capadocia.

    Ihlara Valley

    40 kilometre away from Aksaray. Valley can be reached by turning at the 11th kilometre point of Aksaray - Nevşehir roadway. Canyon constituted by breaks and collapses come out with getting cold of lavas that contains dense basalt and andesite substances and run over from Hasandağ mountain. On that split area an Melendiz brook find way to flow and give today's shape to canyon, that brook was named in early ages 'Potamus Kapadukus" which means river of Capadocia. Valley lies 14 kilometre long.starts from Ihlara, come to an end at Selime. Valley's hight reach to 100 - 150 meter at some places. Across the valley there are innumerable shelters, tombs and churches that all engraved in to rocks present. Some of the shelters and church's are related each other with tunnels that similar to underground cities.

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    Aksaray türkiyenin illerden biridir ancak bu ilimiz çok yeni bir ildir ancak çok eski bit yerleşimi vardır. bunun dışında bu ilimiz iç anadolu bölgesinde yer almaktadır. son olarak bu ilimi de hakim olan iklim tipi kara iklim tipidir.

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