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    Aksaray Where to Visit Museums and Ancient Cities

    Aksaray Where to Visit Museums and Ancient Cities

    Museums and Ancient Cities

    Aksaray Museum: Museum is founded in the "Zinciriye Medrese". The building remains from Karamanoğulları governmental period in the 14th century. The museum placed on Zincirli quarter, centre county of province Aksaray. The archaeological and ethnographic work of the arts are exhibited in the museum.
    Museum Tel: (+90-382) 213 16 67

    Under Ground Cities: In spite of under ground cities are generally concentrated on Güzelyurt and Gülağaç counties, there can be seen some under ground cities at the whether Centre county or Ortaköy county. At the Güzelyurt county centre and at the Manastır (monastery) valley there are three revealed under ground cities present. At the Gülağaç county Saratlı under ground city is revealed and lighted.

    Antic Nora Viranşehir (Helvadere Town): Nora town was builded on a slope of Hasandağ mountain, placed 30 kilometres south of Aksaray. It was an important military base because of strategically position. Town preserve its importance at the Rome and Byzantine period too, so there are lots of churches are present now. Out standing buildings are remained from Byzantine period. Those churches can be partly damaged but also some of various frescos are still take attention on them.

    Acemhöyük (Persian mound) Antic Settlement: Acemhöyük is at the Yeşilova 18 kilometer north - west from Aksaray. In the mound an great palace and its depot remaining from Asur Trade Colonies Period, brought to the light with the systematically excavation process until 1948. Moreover; aquiline mouthed jugs, signets and ceramics founded.

    Aşıklı Tumulus: Aşıklı Höyük is placed at the Kızılkaya village, nearly 1 kilometre south of village on the shore of Melendiz brook, and 25 kilometres south - east from Aksaray.

    Aşıklı is in side of an place spread by volcanic tufa at the Capadocia of Aksaray, first settlements began at 8 thousand BC. Aşıklı Tumulus, is one of the most important ruin places founded at Anatolia and nearly east that exhibits oldest 'first village settlements' remains from Aceramic Neolithic Period.

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