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    City Guide Aydın

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    Aydın ın ingilizce özellikleri

    Area: 8.007 km²

    Population: 950.757 (2000)

    Traffic Code: 09

    Heir to Anatolia's rich historical heritage and natural beauty, Aydın was conquered by the Trallians who founded the city of Tralles on the top of the old city. Known by such descriptive terms as 'Flowered' and 'Mighty', when the city was leveled by an earthquake, the emperor Andronik rebuilt the city and named it Andropolis after himself. After passing into the hands of the Selçuks, the city was called Aydın Güzelhisarı. During the Ottoman empire it was called "Nefs-i Güzel Hisar der Liva-i Aydın."


    Aydın's district are ;Bozdoğan, Buharkent, Çine, Germencik, İncirliova, Karacasu, Karpuzlu, Koçarlı, Köşk, Kuşadası, Kuyucak, Nazilli, Söke, Sultanhisar, Yenihisar and Yenipazar.

    Bozdoğan: Founded on the top of foothills of Madran Mountain, which rises up beside plain fed by Akçay river south of the Büyük Menderes river basin. The remains of historical structures found in this town 76 km from Aydın belong to ages long past. One can see the marks of Roman, Byzantine and Selçuk culture as well. The primary examples of this are the village of Neopolis Kavaklı near Koyuncular village, Körteke Castle and the Cisterns and Aqueducts in the villages of Örtülü and Konaklı.

    Buharkent: Situated 86 km. from the city, the local economy is totally dependent upon agriculture. The Kızıldere thermal springs are found in there.

    Çine: Located 38 km from Aydın, Çine is one of the oldest and most important settlements of the area because it linked the ancient regions of Caria and Ionia.

    Gerga: Situated in the north of Ovacık village 6 km southeast of Eski Çine, the ruins of Gerga, a Carian city which can only be reached by walking up the mountain, are definitely worth seeing in spite of the effort required.

    Didim: A neighbor of the ancient cities of Miletus and Priene, it is 108 km from Aydın. With transportation from the Bodrum airport via Akbük, it has some of the best sun, sand and sea in the Aegean region.

    It has a rich history and is an important tourist vacation spot, among the best on the Aegean coast. A prophetic oracle in ancient times, there is a large temple dedicated to the sun god Apollon here. The ancients' belief in fate was very powerful and they saw Apollon as a god of prophecy who would reveal their fate.

    Karacasu: The road to Karacasu passes through Kuyucak and winds through pine trees and olive and citrus groves along the Dandalas Creek. Karacasu was founded on the slopes of the Dandalas valley which leads into the Büyük Menderes valley from the southeast. Located 87 km from Aydın, the climate and geography of the area is quite different from that of the Menderes river basin. It is more like a highland area. Handcrafts such as carpet-weaving, leatherworking and pottery are quite developed and the area has potential in terms of forest products as well.

    Karpuzlu: With the introduction of an irrigation system, this town whose economy is based on agriculture is developing quite rapidly. Alinda is an ancient city worth visiting. It is located on a nearby hill. Founded in 340 BC, the city remains include a theater, stadium, stoa, agora and the city walls, all of which are reasonably well-preserved.

    Koçarlı: Twenty-two kilometers from Aydın, it is located in the middle of the Büyük Menderes valley on either side of Koçarlı Creek. Most of the arable land is on the Büyük Menderes plain. An old settlement, there is a castle (Amyzon Castle) near the village of Akmescit.


    Kuyucak: Located on the lower slopes of the Aydın Mountains facing the Menderes valley, it is a typical Turkish settlement. The city of Antiocheia, on the banks of Dandalas Creek, was founded by King Antiochus. This ancient city was a resting point for the commercial caravans with their military escorts traveling between Ephesus and Aphrodisias. The mosque found in the market is one of the town's important historical structures.

    Nazilli: It is 45 km from Aydın. The ancient city of Mastaura, founded between the highland villages of Bozkurt and Eyeli 3 km from Nazilli, was, in its time, one of the commercial centers in the Menderes river basin.

    Söke: Located 59 km west of Aydın, it was founded on the banks of the Büyük Menderes river. A wealthy city with agriculture, trade, tourism and capital, it is located near the famous cities of Didyma, Miletus and Priene. The ancient city of Priene, sits on a natural platform on the southern slope of Mykale Mountain near the town of Güllübahçe 12 km from Söke.

    Sultanhisar: Located 25 km from Aydın, it has a view of the Aydın mountains to the north. Nisa (Nyssa) was founded on the slopes of Malgaç Mountain north of Sultanhisar in a place of incredible natural beauty. There is a 3 km asphalt road which leads to the ruins.

    Akaraka (Acharake) can perhaps best be described as a health center which still guards its sacred secrets. It is near the village of Salavatlı and according to ancient records was the worship center of a cult devoted to the gods Pluton and Charo (Kore).

    Yenipazar: It is 41 km from Aydın. The ancient city of Orthasia (Ortosi) is 5 km to the east in the village of Donduran. It was founded by the Ionians, but was invaded by the Cimmerian horsemen from the steppes of Asia in the 7th century BC. Later it came under the rule of Lydia, Persia, Rome and the Byzantines

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