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    City Guide Hatay - İngilizce Tanıtım

    City Guide Hatay - İngilizce Tanıtım

    Hatay ın ingilizce özellikleri

    Area: 5.403 km²

    Population: 1.253.726 (2000)

    Traffic Code: 31

    The appealing property and the reason of the migrations throughout the history to the Antakya region, are the result of suitable and appropriate climate conditions, productive and fertile lands. Beside these two facts another important characteristic of the region is its being at the intersection point of the road which connects Anatolia to Syria and Palestine over Çukurova. In addition, the most convenient ports for suitable routes to Mediterranean from Mesopotamia are also located in this region. With its current faith tourism centers, ancient cities and beautiful plateaus, the province of Hatay has a high potential for tourism.


    The districts of Hatay province are; Altınözü, Belen Dörtyol, Erzin, Hassa, İskenderun, Kırıkhan, Kumlu , Reyhanlı, Samandağ and Yayladağı.


    Belen: It was founded on the most important transition point connecting Mediterranean to Amik Plain over Amanos Mountains. The district was developed around the caravanserais, mosques and baths built by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman in 1550. Soğukoluk (Güzelyayla) and Atik plateaus attract the most attention during

    Dortyol: It is established in between the gulf of Iskenderun and Mt. Nur. Dortyol is known as its citrus fruit production, beaches and Botas pipe line. There is a park in Kuzluca forest.

    Erzin: It is surrounded by Adana, Osmaniye, Dortyol and the gulf of Iskenderun. It is known as its citrus fruit production and beaches. There is a park in the forest nearby the district. There is also a spring and perrier water resource in Baslamis village together with the establishments for health tourism.

    Hassa: The district was established in 1865 at the east of Mt. Nur and located in between Gaziantep-Syria border and Kirikhan.

    Kirikhan: It is on Amik grassy plain, in between Mt. Nur and Syria border, and the districts of Hassa and Kumlu. The Karasu river flows through the district. The Golbasi lake, which is the only natural one, remains in the territory of Kirikhan.

    Contact Information

    Governorship : (+90-326) 214 62 10

    Municipality : (+90-326) 614 55 65

    Hospital : (+90-326) 214 54 30

    Police : (+90-326) 214 59 10

    Gendarme : (+90-326) 221 02 94

    Provincial Directorate : (+90-326) 214 61 75

    Tourism Information Office : (+90-326) 613 28 79 - 614 16 20

    Harbour : (+90-326) 613 31 94

    Provincial Cultural Directorate

    Tel: (326) 214 92 17

    Fax: (326) 213 33 86

    Cultural Centers

    An Exhibition hall with 418 seating capacity for theatre, conferences, etc. Library Contact Address: Şehit Mustafa Sevgi Cad. No:8/A - Antakya

    Tel: (326) 216 06 52


    Hatay Museum

    Address: Gündüz Cad. No:1 Hatay

    Tel: (326) 214 61 68

    Fax: (326) 213 33 86

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