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    Evaluatıon of bolu provınce thermal waters ın terms of health tourısm

    Evaluatıon of bolu provınce thermal waters ın terms of health tourısm

    The objective of our project prepared by Bolu Provincial Directorate of Health within the scope of the Direct Action Financial Support Programme 2011 of the Eastern Marmara Development Agency, which aims at increasing the economic capacity of our province and region and contributing to local and regional development, is to accelerate tourism in the region by diversifying and thus developing the area of use of thermal waters, which create a tourism potential.

    The starting point of our project is how to use the thermal waters of Bolu province efficiently in terms of health tourism.

    It is expected that our field research included in the contents and its result shall support entrepreneurship and culture of partnership, promote innovativeness and make positive contributions to development and planning studies in the region.

    It is though that our project shall pave the way for the formation of a new sector (cosmetics-skincare) and brand products that contribute to the introduction of Bolu on a global scale and shall develop brand products under the title of increasing competitive power in TR-42 Eastern Marmara Region Program 2010-2013, contribute to local branding and affect introduction.

    Bolu remains a mystery as a province with potential richness in terms of thermal waters. Bolu has the capacity of becoming an international brand if it is explored by entrepreneurs, tourism activities are activated, infrastructure works are rapidly realized and new ideas and products are supported.

    Within the framework of our project, which was launched on 09 June 2011, samples were taken by our environmental health technicians under favorable conditions from four thermal waters in Bolu, namely Karacasu, Mudurnu-Babas, Seben-Pavlu(Kesenözü) and Göynük-Çatak and then subjected to chemical examination, microbiological examination and medical evaluation by Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine Department of Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology. Regarding the samples, which were taken from the thermal waters of the said four regions and whose analyses were finalized, the diseases which they may medically heal and the products in which they may be used as raw material are stated in scientific medical reports. Reports are given on our website.

    The geographical and structural conditions of thermal waters were photographed by us and information about the thermal waters of Bolu, cuisine of Bolu, which is the world of cooks, Bolu guide and aviation sports were included in our website, introductory booklet and CD.

    The interview with Prof. Dr. M. Zeki Karagülle on the benefits of and the use as a product raw material of the thermal waters in Bolu and the article of Specialist Kağan Özkuk on the thermal waters of Bolu shall be a significant source and guide for those who desire to get information about our project. We would like to thank them for their contributions.

    We hope you want to get to know Bolu and its thermal waters better thanks to the extremely palatable Bolu recipes of Gazelle Hotel Chef Cook.

    Furthermore, we would like to thank Associate Professor Meltem NURTANIŞ VELİOĞLU for her contributions in finding a name for the demo product and getting project deliverables as well as the employees and Bolu representatives of the Eastern Marmara Development Agency for their support for our project studies.

    Dursun KOÇ (Project Manager)
    Mehmet ŞENTÜRK (Project Coordinator)
    Sema UMUR (Project Conductor)
    Aysel ESEN (Office Clerk)
    Cumhur BEKTAŞ (Information Processing)
    İsmail KOCAMAN (Photographs)
    Hümeyra KAHVECİ (Interview)
    Metin KÖKDEN (Environmental Health Technician Sample Taking)
    Zeki BAŞAL (Environmental Health Technician Sample Taking)
    Mahircan ÖZÇELİK (Environmental Health Technician Sample Taking)
    Üzeyir ESER (Transportation)

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