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    Kanlıca hakkında kanlıca ingilizce tarihi

    Kanlıca hakkında kanlıca ingilizce tarihi

    Kanlıcanın tarihi ingilizce

    Its decoration is a famous district of Istanbul's Beykoz district. Anadoluhisarı located between the rod. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, north side of the foot on the Anatolian side.
    Kanlıca famous yogurt. Placed on the beach with powdered sugar yoghurt eaten Kanlıca Çınaraltı'nda. Feature, used in making yogurt, milk powder and yoghurt powder placed on the sugar.
    Mihrabad Korusu'yla Kanlıca also famous. Is one of the greens on the Anatolian side. Kanlıca is also famous for its stately mansions.
    Kanlıca There are various rumors about the name, but one day one of the most accepted of the time giving orders of the Ottoman Sultans in Istanbul wants to have the cleanest air district. If you want help on how to measure the vizier. Each neighborhood with one of the poles is found hanged Viziers bloody flesh and spoiled meat at least say that the pole would be the cleanest air district. The first gives an order and is by far the largest and the Sultan of the Ottoman Sultan Kanlıca Kanlıca returns the name of this district.
    Other rumors about the name is as follows;
    1. The carts with the Turkish people who migrated from Anatolia to collectively here, the name of this interesting transport, settled in the village put the name. "Kağnılıca" the pronunciation of the name of the district during the present shape of some letters received by rounding the result of ingestion.
    2. Living here long before the conquest, "Kangli" come from a Turkish neck.
    3. Milk of cows that eat grass grown in this village used to play a light shade of pink. This yogurt is made from milk would be a very special taste. The color of milk, yogurt, and "open the color of blood" because of what you steal, the village name "bloody" gave rise to.
    4. Mention of the name of the village on tombstones dating "Kanlıca as" passes.
    Other citations are as follows;
    In the Byzantine period Kanlıca, Glaros (Seagull bird) was known as. As for how the final version received the name; here, but can be accessed through town in carts, it was known before the Kağnılıca. Into Kanlıca name, prefix Kanlı lively as here, the red, pinkish region from milk obtained from cows or rocks can be seen at one time believed to be at the top of the pier. Kanlıca square, which is a work of Sinan Pasha Mosque Gazi Alexander (1559), around the weekend market is set up trinkets. Kanlıca 17 The yoghurt to taste the famous century, although even here now discontinued the tradition of the Bosphorus tour.
    Just another quote;
    Its decoration of this or that form the minds of all of Istanbul, has a maximum in the famous yoğurduyla. Kanlıca within the district that hosts several beauty and history of course, is not the work. Emirgan'ın face, just south of the Anatolian Fortress Kanlıca formerly located between the rod Phiela (Manoli) is located in the bay called the Kanlıca dark. Constitute a bulge toward the Bosphorus Kanlıca blunt. This bulge is called Lime Phrixu Byzantine sources. Creek at the mouth of the bay during the Ottoman period, this Bulbul, especially in the nineteenth century, famous for the moon festival is known. The bay also knowledge of Ataturk's famous yacht, anchored in the Savarona Republican newspapers and memoirs often possible to achieve.
    Kanlıca name, because of the use of trolley carts "Kangli known as" descended from a Turkish tribe is claimed. Beykoz later occupied by the Ottomans in Anatolia in here before as a result of people coming to town in carts "Kağnılıca" began to be known as the city, over time, "Kanlıca" was the name. Kanlıca Byzantine era, and this neighborhood was called, as Olasos Elasos or wealthy segments of society that generally respected historical sources encountered in a cottage in a venue other information.
    Kanlıca the dock, Iskender Pasha Mosque, one of Kanlıca historical values. 1559-1560 (H. 967), the mosque who are between Iskender Pasha, vizier of Suleyman the Magnificent and bostancıbaşılıktan rose to the task. Iskender Pasha, the Ottoman history, "conqueror of Famagusta is known as". The other importance of Iskender Pasha Mosque, is the architect Mimar Sinan. They lie next to the mosque along with Iskender Pasha and Ahmed Pasha, son of Alexander's tomb is located in the Pasha. Ayverdi Samiha, the following observations in relation to this shrine, and memories of the transfer: "Fifty to sixty years predated the station which is in a magnificent tomb of Alexander the Great Pasha, pride and respect for the people of the village was a corner. Will be tested in your school or youth in Istanbul by visiting the shrine of the village to take destur ananesi him, as to go to work every morning in front of the tomb Those arriving at the boat races or a three-Fatiha readings as well as a local tradition of sincerity. "However, right next to the shrine since it able to come up a timekeeper, ie, a library.

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    Kanlıca hakkında ingilizce bilgiler

    Kanlıca gained a historical identity with its stately mansions In fact, IV Hence a mansion built by Murad Effendi Baha'i era şeyhülislamı Kanlıca became known as the Gulf of Baha'i dark Bahai Efendi's mansion was destroyed by fire in the nineteenth century Tahsin Agha, Efendi be distributed at this location a new mansion was built by the blind Haji Rashid Bey Mansion is located to the left of this place
    In particular the leading statesmen of the nineteenth century onwards, and spend the summer seasons Kanlıca numerous important events on issues related to the fate of the state where they would decide Tanzimat era mansion where Ali Pasha, the most famous coverings are known to make many important political discussions Ali Pasha, the Turkish-Greek Treaty was signed Kanlıca'daki mansion
    Another lively as the famous mansion Kanlıca Saffet Pasha The mansion also been many meetings, many foreign statesman, he makes his grand vizier for a period of External Affairs and Saffet Pasha visited Chamberlain This addition to residences, located in the left side of the bay Kanlıca Nuran Turan Barlas and Haji Rashid Bey Mansion was restored by a remarkable Yağlıkçı simple
    Again, initially made by Vecihi Pasha in various governorates, but by Kavalali Mehmed Ali Pasha's granddaughter Princess Rukia and Rukia Sultan Mansion was built in 1895 called again in the mansion of a lean to be mentioned here Nusrat Pasha, the son of Princess Rukia Sadullah Nusret Bey Bey and his mother remarried and bride were donated its portion of lean After a lean period Rukiye sold İffet'e Princess Egyptian Princess, Princess İffet'in Atman Ozdemir was purchased by the country in 1957 after he escaped
    And three of the sultan who was a lover of a botanical medicine Hekimbaşı Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi Mansion was built by the other beauty of a monument A variety of plants that produce a variety of drugs and the history of modern medicine, which prints the name of the Ottoman Empire which was built by Master Doctor Salih Efendi, the embodiment of beauty is a beauty that aşinası photo frames This mansion, was restored in 1978
    Hussein Pasha was built in 1699 Yalısı'na Amcazade should also mention here This is a solid structure entirely mansion arzettiği time, the eighty-foot front had seaside Twenty-bedroom mansion that comprises building a harem of the Ottoman Empire began to fall powerless dynasty period, the state official managing the bridged and the Mevlevi sect members are known to be the fourth in a five sadrazamından built by Hussein Pasha
    Open and lively as the lyrics would be wrong to turn a blind eye Ethem Pasha Seaside II Period of Abdülhamid era mansion built by his grand vizier Ibrahim Pasha, who Ethem, the last periods of Ottoman history, a family which was built by well-known personalities within Ethem Pasha sent to France in 1830, commissioned by the waterside, he will be unfolding in the nature of French architecture, influenced by how much Ethem Pasha mansion after his death, Mr Pasha will begin to be known as the youngest son of Ethem Bey Ethem Pasha, the famous art of a man's other son, Osman Hamdi Bey In this context, Ms Melike Alia became a Muslim marrying a French marquis Markisi'ne up my own would be appropriate to commemorate the Yalısını This lean up my winter in the trees on the lodge are also available Again, the early 1900s, was built by Mustafa Rashid Pasha, also known as the Magnolia Mansion in 1992, and purchased by the family of Işıkoğlu Mansion Bahriyeli Sedat Bey, Mustafa Pasha in 1848, purchased by the same family ever since and is currently the only greeting the standing part, the elegant Mustafa Pasha Mansion, also known as Essad Bey Mansion, built in 1895 by an officer of Yıldız Palace officials and much later, Nuri Pasha Mansion was bought by the Rahmi Koc; II And Dr built during Abdülmamid Judge Rahman Osman Bey Mansion and finally restored by the Kadri Pasha Mansion is worth a mention
    Pistachio is another ramp at the beauty of the bay area Kanlıca descending I Great interest by the Ottoman sultans who established the reign of Mahmut Korusu'dur Mihrabat Mihrabat Woods, III, built by Nevşehirli Vizier Ibrahim Pasha Summer Palace is alleged that the name of the gift to him again the Mihrabat Unfortunately, within a week Mihrabat been destroyed in the rebellion of janissaries were destroyed Pavilion Despite the glorious history of Woods Mihrabat gradually waned Yahya Kemal, prefer to spend hours Mihrabat Woods secluded, beautiful scenery has inspired several writers and poets
    A period of about Kanlıca promenade, which is a very nice touch on the need to Kavacık'a Above the promenade area of the Gulf's largest İmrahor Kavacık Sadik was established by the Aga and Hussein Agha The farm was bought and subdivisions Kavacık, 1950, then turned into Kavacık District
    Another Kanlıca Otağtepe the historical venue Bayezid I besieged Constantinople in the tent set up with the same name referred to a district where Otağtepe was named Today, the Foundation has developed Otağtepe'de Theme Park, Nature Culture This park is organized into two sections as North Park and South Park Exhibited in various plant species in North Park, walking and resting places serves the guests vermekteyken, South Park, designed in accordance with the purpose of those who want to do sports, but also is equipped with recreational facilities that serve children
    Its decoration is famous for its long-standing enjoyments mehtabıyla throat and held her arms Two hundred to three hundred moonlight boat trips to the Bahai Bay, the throat opening has been the subject of many novels and poetry Nightingale in the grove around the bed of the gulf, because here the river empties into the sea "Bülbülderesi" is named Relaxation with the nightingale is very famous here Are founded in this place where the entertainment is spoken Sazlı Fishgarths

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    Kanlıca türkiyenin 81 ilinden biri olan istanbulun beykoz ilçesinde bulunan ünlü bir semttir. bu semt geçekten de çok harika bir yerdir. insan buraya gezmeye gittiği zaman buradan ayrılmayı hiç istememektedir. bu semti gördüğünüz zaman sizde böyle düşüneceksimniz.

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