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    Küresel Isınma Hakkında İngilizce Yazı Kompozisyon

    Küresel Isınma Hakkında İngilizce Yazı Kompozisyon

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    The Problems Global Warming Would Cause

    Our world has gone through several stages in its life time. Like any powerful changes, it takes time to deal and cope with them. Over the years, the earth has been gradually getting warmer due to pollution. Humans, however, were slow to take the necessary actions to prevent it from getting any worse. Now, we are on the verge of a very disastrous change; Global Warming. If we continue to go on with our lives, ignorant to the consequences of our actions, we will face drastic and devastating loss. And in this case, with they’re not being enough food or fresh air, the environment being destroyed, and the outrageous heat, it will be difficult… or nearly impossible toIn the future, producing food will be quite problematic. When Global warming’s full affects kick in, we will have droughts and floods rather often, and under these conditions, crops will not be able to grow. Another issue is acid rain, which will kill many of the crops as well. Not having enough food will cause major health problems… not to mention the air we breath, which will be full of carbon dioxide(since the a lot of plants which produce oxygen will be dead.) Food and oxygen are absolute necessities; without them, we will not be able to survive.

    Limited land will also be a problem. In a matter of years when once global warming has melted most of the glaciers, the sea level will rise quite a considerable amount, causing certain parts of America, Canada, and the rest of the world to be completely under water; those areas will no-longer be suitable to live in. Other places may have droughts, floods, or abnormally altered weather patterns. There will not be enough land that is suitable. It will be extremely over-overcrowded, and there simply wouldn’t be enough room for everybody.

    The most obvious thing that’ll be hard to deal with is the violent level of heat that humans would be forced to live in. At this point, air conditioning would only be available to the very rich, snow is probably already forgotten, and the idea of “going out on a nice summer day” would obviously be displeasing. The idea of simply staying inside all day would probably be satisfying, but you must go outside at some point, especially if you want to make a living. Ultimately, this will result in a lot more skin cancer, or any other health issues due to the extreme amount on UV ray exposure.

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