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    Eşeğin ingilizce özellikleri

    eşeğin ingilizce özellikleri

    Of the idea that they are stubborn donkeys, and sometimes the owners of these animals is quite advanced "self-preservation impulses" is due to false perceptions. A donkey, forcing him or scare, whether their interest is very difficult to work with motivated to have a job. This behavior is almost the exact opposite atlardakinin because asses about getting a horse in an unsafe way than on the floor draws a seamless manner.

    Behavior and cognition as a result of serious work done on donkeys, these animals are very intelligent, careful, friendly, actor and seems to be keen on learning.

    According to research conducted in France in 2006 in donkey's milk protein has proven to be the richest milk.

    Features: Ears long, steep and short-haired mane, tail short, thin püsküllüdür.
    Life span: 25-35 years. [Citation needed]
    Types of domestic donkeys, wild asses in Africa, Asia, the wild donkey, Somali wild asses, wild donkeys striped (zebra), the Mongolian wild donkeys (ear)

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