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    How To Play Blind Man’s Bluff

    requires At least 3 people, but more people make for more fun A blindfold

    game play One player, designated It, wears a blindfold and spins in place five times while the rest of the players disperse in search of a good hiding place. When finished spinning, It yells “Stop,” and all the players must freeze in place. It’s now up to It to use his keen sense of hearing to track down the players, who may dodge It without moving their feet or deceive It by making misleading noises. Once It discovers all the players, it’s time for the next It to don the blindfold. Be careful: This game is best played inside within a confined space, otherwise It risks injury. This game derives its fun from a blindfolded search — the more time it takes for It to find everyone, the more fun the game becomes. Confusing the blindfolded person makes for the funniest moments.

    make it more fun Make it Blind and Deaf Man’s Bluff — play without sounds. Or, set up challenging obstacles in the play zone to confuse the It player.

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