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    Louis Pasteur İngilizce Hayatı

    Louis Pasteur İngilizce Hayatı

    Pasteur in many parts of the world until the name has entered the daily life. Louis Pasteur, fermentation (fermentation) in order to find the bacteria occurring in medical science, and opened new horizons in the way of the discovery of the causes of many major stages of the disease has been instigated. Moreover, the germs in the air to discover and study have shed light on antibiotics. Rabies, Anthrax is a very dangerous disease, has saved humanity from the horrors. Saved countless lives through work, and the suffering of millions of people have passed over.

    Pasteur was born in Jura, Dole in 1822. Father, in the armies of Napoleon in Spain during the war had made başçavuşluk. Arbois’ya Pasteur’un family moved shortly after birth, and the Pasteur started school here. In 1838 he was sent to Paris to continue learning. But the loneliness of the child’s health was endangered. In his letter to the smell of my house once,”I heard booklet,”he said as if I recover.
    Indeed, shortly after returned home and entered the College of Besancon in 1840 and graduated from the Literature section. At the same school math worked as an assistant two years later, he gave the baccalaureate from the branch of science.

    Pasteur later, as professor of chemistry at the Sorbonne JB Dumas’ın worked well in chemistry. In 1848 appointed as professor of physics at the Dijon Pasteur, Strasbourg, arrived here to learn chemistry. Such a sudden change Pasteur’ün podium, first published rasenik acid on the optical properties of the original study was very large role. This is the first victory of her Sarbonne University professor JB Biot’un friendship will last a lifetime and gained a chair in Strasbourg. Biot, in those days could not figure out the age of scientists was working on the issue of light. Pasteur’ün careful observation of the key points of this problem solving booklet results. Biot very happy to work with it, as captured by the arm Pasteur’ü,”I love my life so much that science, this encounter in front of you now my heart beats with joy my dear child.”He said.

    Problem, namely Pasteur’ün invention was that his wife looks like each of the two acids in the face of the polarized light shows the different reactions that had made. In one case right from the acid tends to be a change in the other acids did not. Pasteur, the light does not react to acid, the other is in the same structure, but not a change in their composition due to different properties of the final composition was something else entirely. Directed against the acid and other acids to the right toward the left entirely to neutralize the acid which was directed to the right.

    Pasteur, Strasbourg, often visited and fell in love with the daughter of the rector of the Academy had sworn not to marry, although they were married on May 29 of 1849. Pasteur his wife Marie, her husband’s work, and even more time to work, but always very self-supported.

    Pasteur’e was given the title professor in 1854 and established a new Academy of Sciences in Lille was appointed dean. The beer industry is increasingly developing in this city, all the attention of scholars fermentation (fermentation), gave the event. Pasteur was one day invited to a beer factory. During their visit to the factories of some barrels of beer compared to some of the very poor, it said. Scholars began to examine draft beer and good beer in the fermentation vat of the shape is different from the others saw. Bring about good beer from the yeast fermentation full round, the long diğerleir were composed of yeast. These observations into knowledge, into fermentation vats during the mixing of foreign substances thought has successfully executed the beer sour.

    Pasteur deepens their research on this view, the end event deterioration, rather than barrels of foreign matter into the beer directly from contact with the air coming forward to understand. Constituent yeast organisms, other organisms in the atmosphere had occurred. Of microbes that live on it in the air these days prove anything, even the accuracy of this theory put forward was not lost. According to this theory, living organisms were formed from inorganic materials.

    Result of a long and strenuous experiments alpine air filter at the top of the information, said at the end of the meeting: pasteurization, sterilization that. The results of this study is that in 1864, Pasteur, most of the day it began to be recognized as büyükü chemists. His big breakthrough in the treatment of wounds with the application of Lord Lister, the way millions of septicemia (blood poisoning) was saved from dying.

    In 1865 the French government, a common disease of silkworm Pasteur’den asked her to review. France’s silk industry was threatening diseases. At the end of a three-year study to isolate the bacilli of two distinct diseases ipekböceklerini başarakrak was able to protect them.

    He can not stand in the intensive work pace Pasteur, had a mild stroke. But did not prevent the disease still continues to work. In 1880 he went to Paris as professor of chemistry at the Sorbonne and shortly after continued research on the famous study published fermentation.

    Always within the framework of a logic Pasteur’ün invention was developed. From brewer’s yeast in the air before he discovered living microbes. After the chicken has ravaged poultry Fransa’nınbütün examining Anthrax in the treatment of plague microbe found to provide. Animal disease, not just this great, people were also affected. And finally the diagnosis and treatment of rabies with the largest bşarısı find was made at the most important service to humanity. The results of studies on dogs without fear of rabies has developed a serum and the serum was administered to animals are not rabid. Uygulayabilirmiydi wondering the same thing in people. Rabies in France had become a nightmare, doctors struggled to find a cure for it and stood. But the real problem will not endanger human life was to find a serum dosage. A rabid dog bites a day to a hospital where a boy named Joseph Meister was brought. Child’s life was in despair. Pasteur will lose something without careful preparation of the serum at the end of three weeks to three weeks and gave the child the child was discharged from the hospital completely healed in.

    This great success has spread quickly in Europe and almost became a hero. Given him fame, glory, honor Pasteur money, always remained simple and unassuming as a human being. Always worked for humanity and his own health was at the second plan. Exhausted at the end of the body could not take this beat and more beds in 1895, died on September 28

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