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    Crazy racing cars oyunu şifreleri hileleri

    crazy racing cars oyunu şifreleri

    Devamlı Üye

    Published by: ND
    Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D
    Language: English
    Release date: 22.03.2008
    Do you hear the oncoming roar of engines? cars of Day Watch and Night Watch are rushing through the busy streets of Moscow; ocertaking each other and racing with the wind behind them. The managed to prevent military confrontation and are now sorting out their hierarchy in crazy races on the city’s streets. To avoid traffic they sometimes travel in the twilight zone where there is silence and calm.
    Fantasy racing set in the Night Watch Universe
    A choice of 6 characters members of Night and Day Watches, 6 cars, as featured in the motion picture, eash one with its own magical ability
    Explosion blend of real lefe urbanism of the streets of Moscow and magic power of the Night Watch universe
    Weather conditions affecting car handling on the road
    Ability to go into twilight in order to overtake opponents



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crazy racing cars hileleri,  crazy racing cars şifreleri