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Kişisel Sayfalar Özel Forumlar ve Gizliyara Özel sayfası Forumunda Love aşk ile ilgili ünlü düşünürlerin sözleri ingilizce Konusunu Okuyorsunuz..
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    Love aşk ile ilgili ünlü düşünürlerin sözleri ingilizce

    love ile ilgili ünlü düşünürlerin sözleri ingilizce

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    İngilizce aşk sözleri

    ♥ wish you were there will talk to my mouth, my eyes do not cry you're age will flow, imprisoned in my heart to leave you nowhere!

    ♥ my heart beats in the sun goes down is a fact that he was born is also a fact, is what all the facts at the end of the day saysak one I love you, here it is the largest real

    ♥ Write me a poem of love forgotten in the shadow of the moon to get seeds of happiness possible take a yeşere let alone sing or tell özlemimdeki lover before dry eyes the falling rain, wet body

    ♥ love chase escaping, too, yearn to see you too, so expect to go, chooses her to touch many düşünmektirVe If love is impossible where öyledirki

    ♥ One day you'll ask me,Did he or the life of me do you love more than life, he'll say, but I never know when you go küsüp that my life is you

    ♥ You are my shining innocent incimdin beautiful nails you steep cliffs and a more kaybetmiyeyim kazıdığım found an oyster she buried deep in my heart

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