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  1. Gizli @ yara
    Özel Üye

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    I have to forget about you that you tutkunluğumu sevseydim my heart when he lost in the sun, not all the stars in the sky I would write steamy windows of a single you can not gather them in, but the price of a single all of you as long as you are You are my life, nor you, nor anyone rival rivaled you ..

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    because no one I always was unique for you if you never had a long night, as I thought I would not be in the morning You lose you if you were mourning for the lifetime of a drop in my eyes ağlamazdım!..

  2. AJLAN
    Bayan Üye

    When we feel ourselves alone in the world, we think that we lost everything; a hand is enough to lift us. That is Allah. Then there will not be any work from our lonely.

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