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    Beautiful Horse|ingilizce fıkralar

    Beautiful Horse|ingilizce fıkralar

    hasreddin hoca ingilizce fıkraları

    ingilizce fıkralar

    Nasreddin Hodja
    One day, when Temur was going hunting he wanted the Hodja to join him. In front of the palace, where the hunting started, they gave him an old, tired horse.
    During the hunting suddenly it began to rain. Everybody put their horses to the gallop and ran away. But the Hodja couldn't As the weather was hot he took off his clothes and put them under him. And so he returned slowly to the palace. When the rain was over he put on his clothes again.
    When he arrived at the palace, his clothes were dry and Temur was most astonished.
    “We all got wet”, he said. “How is it, that you are still dry?”
    “Oh, Sir”, the Hodja replied. “With the help of this horse, I arrived at the palace without getting wet.”
    Another hunting trip Temur wanted the horse which was given to the Hodja before. By a great coincidence it again began to rain and Temur got wet. When he came back to the palace he angrily called the Hodja and asked what it meant.
    “Oh Sir,”, the Hodja said. “I am very sorry. I forgot to tell you, that you also had to put your clothes under you and then you would not get wet.”

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    Beautiful Horse|ingilizce fıkralar

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    Teacher: Maria please show America on the map.
    Öğretmen:Maria haritada Amerikayı göster.

    Maria: Here it is.
    Maria:İşte burada

    Teacher: Good. Then kid, who discovered America?
    Öğretmen:Aferin.Şimdi çocuklar,Amerikayı kim buldu?

    Class: Maria did ,teacher.
    Sınıf:Mariya buldu öğretmenim.

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