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    - Look at the Camel cigarette pack brother.
    - Well. So what?
    - On Abi has two hitchhiker girl. Let us find it?
    2 min. Soon
    - What was the brother not find?
    - No have not found.
    - Give me, I bakiim bi, I really do not uh, bi car probably have taken.
    Oh, brother, brother-filled package, why I threw it away

    - Look again Abi Camel pack, took off from the garbage in the
    - Again, what?
    - Abi, this time the rabbit was going to ask you to look.
    - Give good.
    2 min. Soon
    - What's up brother, still did not?
    Soon the owner receiving the package back to the bad EPRI, a package of
    half sigarayi him outside, non-package kulagina dayar, and,
    - Hello bunny
    der. It killed the owner of a cigarette pack.

    Passes through

    Occurs in the era of ball playing. I fell and broke leg
    person, "very agriyo off my leg," says the pear against the team
    "Is healed. Ihhi ihhi hi." say, this person here who Lafi
    Upon result in costly litigation.

    My eyes drifted

    I learned from my mother. So the endless jokes
    ediyorlarmis cenerasyonlardir rape our brains. The element of one eye
    rushes. And his (it would not be friends and get) a look at the dip
    enthusiasm of being caught:
    -What is it? Çikariyon mussels? Ehereherehere!

    It's snowing

    Okuldasinizdir. Squeezed out looking at the dessert course at a time
    has begun to snow you see the sweet, and as soon as the snow falling
    Noticing the not the only one, I'll be documented with the following sentence, even
    to your head, your head shot:
    "Oh I saw kari. I swear I saw kari. I mean It's snowing
    I wanted friends. Ekekekekek Ekek ekek. "Bulundugunuz with Karla
    You want to fall down on the floor at that moment.

    EVENT that is not, Snow "Holiday raining," he perspectives other than
    that there are savers, they are harmless people. Sympathy for them
    I can not see nothing wrong hear.

    The clock running?

    - Abi, the clock running?
    - Yes, why?
    - Mine is also bulsana, ekikih!
    - Oh. Abi hit my head again, but!

    Still Time

    - What time is it yaw?
    - Hour bite olm, hülele hülele! What happened was silent brother?

    ***** Do you?

    - Faq çernük girl look, Ehe.
    - What is it Ulen?
    - Are you left-handed, *****? Ehehhe, ehua!
    - A minute before the smile of a little byzantine yapiim; Nihahaa, solagim ulan
    border there.
    - Oh bullshit! E diycem now what am I? Nasi eglendiricem my heart


    - Well! gidiceksin on vacation this summer, where?
    - Bodrum, brother?
    - Oh bullshit! I Junior terrace!

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