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Öğrenci odası ve Soru (lar) ile Cevap (lar) Forumunda Çizgi film kahramanlarının sevdikleri ve sevmedikleri ingilizce Konusunu Okuyorsunuz..
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    Çizgi film kahramanlarının sevdikleri ve sevmedikleri ingilizce

    çizgi film kahramanlarının sevdikleri ve sevmedikleri ingilizce

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    ingilizce Çizgi Film Kahramanı Tanıtma

    Bugs Bunny

    First time BUGS BUNNY created by BEN BUGS HARDAWAY in 1940.It is a cartoon and ıt has got a big wiewer in TURKEY.It is so famous in Turkey.It likes eat carrot,and likes to say What’s up man?.It is a rabbit.It is to get Oscar Award ”Knight Knight Bugs” in 1958.It is name to be writen to Holiwood pavement.It is so clever cartoon and ıf someone wants to damage him it can do everything and it always win!

    İlk olarak 1940 yılında Ben “Bugs” Hardaway tarafından yaratılmıştır.Türkiye’de animasyon denince akla ilk gelenlerdendir. Havuç yiyişi ve sivri zekası ve n’aber canım demesi ile ünlüdür. Bir tavşanı temsil eder. 1958 yılında “Knight Knight Bugs” ile Oscar ödülü bile almıştır.Sevimli şirin bir tavşandır.Kendisi Hollywood kaldırımına yazdırmıştır. En zeki çizgi film karakteridir.

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    off hiç bir şey bulamıyorm :((

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    aynen ne buya doğrudüzgn bşy yok

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    bence bu yterli değil

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    Bugs Bunny- Bugs Bunny is a rabbit.It has got long ears and big teeth.It is lovely,happy,thin,clever- and good rabbit.It likes eating carrots but it doesn't like eating fish and meat. Its favorite- activity is hopping.-

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    Çizgi Film Kahramanlarının Özellikleri Nelerdir ?

    Tasmanian Devil

    Full of crazy, overgrown, rabid, canavardı true. Hon hon hon enacted the income he returned, what place does not, delete the süpürürdü mess.
    Our country has become very popular everywhere, a lot of t-shirt, toy observed. Taz-mania, taz-mania he had a moving song.


    Roadrunner is a wild bird living in the desert, so it is a çakaldı belalısı Coyote. They are always behind Coyote in the desert, but would run like crazy.
    Roadrunner, it will appear for a second, "beep beep" horn as he destroys nerve öterek, and then still lose out by adding powder smoke. Coyote traps set up to it, threw rocks in his head, still yakalayamamıştı.

    Tom and Jerry

    Was one of the most famous cartoons. Jerry reckless and daring in a fareydi. No hesitation refrigerator empties his house, exasperated the hole.
    Tom does not put his best behind, caught it from bread to eat with health plans would have done. His face would not look at all these people in the movie line, his legs seemed only. Jerry smiles like an angel like monster chasing after Tom sahibesine düşerdi. Pataklar each other, but in the end they both win the little Jerry.

    Duffy Duck

    Bugs Bunny arkadaşlarındandı. Madman in a Duck, always brings trouble, beating until it was the place in return, such as fruit pulp.
    Bugs Bunny did not leave it, especially the head and neck çıkartırdı örsle hit the beak. Without exception, all elements of the Looney Toons are yemişliği beating him.

    Speedy Gonzales

    Fareydi a Mexican, there was even a big hat. The most important feature of this strange rush of speed, continuously into the hands of the surrounding vermesiydi cats.
    After three young Domuzcuk'tan Gaye's favorite friend who also karakterdi. Some friends like crazy, chilli beans eaten because of this mouse, bristling lips şişip languages officially became infamous ..

    Bugs Bunny

    Rabit'ten had bugs before Roger Rabbit. This is a carrot in his hand constantly, "arkiidiişşş" he spoke. Exit hole, koşardı adventures. Belalısı The bald-headed, dwarf had an uncle. Bugs Bunny on the head massage I once had this guy, bushy hair growth provided.
    One feature that annoy any human ears by holding your lips öpmesiydi muccckkkk. Pompom bi had a tail. All other kinds of characters in the array have persecuted, wick wick noses had spilled.


    Big orange feet, eye donkey blonde with blue eyes like a bird. This karakterlerendi hermaphrodite, so do girls, male anlaşılmazdı. This is an old nineyle Kuşcağız lives, well-behaved well-behaved would sit in his cage.
    Cute and beautiful cat Silvester'i saw "aaa bi if I saw the cat," he says, tüneğinde tepinerek "I saw a cat I saw," he'd scream. And put it between 2 slices of toast on to say Silvester'in Tweety'i, salt dish. Sometimes they have achieved it, but Nine lokmasını sindiremeden grows, remove the tail Silvester'i hitting poposuna "spit it, spit it," he'd scream. Tweety suddenly fall to the ground, "naughty kediiii" he azarlardı Silvester'i.

    Captain Caveman

    The new generation of super hero stone era. Wilma and Betty became a journalist, her work sokuyorlardı their noses.
    So when the bad guy kızdırsalar man kaçırtıyor them, the girls' captain cave İmdaaatt adamııı yetiişş "he zopasını voice cried uncle took it was going to fly in to rescue the girls. On the way fuel is over, the engine's singles, where düşerdi together.
    Was not bad, fared even fun. Killa was covered from head to toe.


    Denizcisiydi childhood legend. Her boyfriend is a kind of Safinaz'la evlenmediler, they had engaged for centuries.
    Safinaz like pole beans, measures 40-40-40 ti. This little buttermilk Safinaz willing, the side facing him, after the flower that goes to each guy, kind of jumps, and then she'd scream Temeeel sıkışınca head. A box of Popeye spinach yiyince pazıları şişerdi huge. Then he beats the man running Safinaz'ı kissing. The most famous of these wicked men Kabasakal'dı.
    Because of this basic a generation "to spinach, spinach has iron, stronger child" lafını listened to, by force did Persephone eat spinach. So our generation hates spinach.

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    Oh, this suffering was the daughter of Cotton. Öksüzdü, step-mother had a bitchy queen stood talking to his half-master of magic aynasıyla. Finally off the head, had decided to kill Pamuk to be the most beautiful.
    Fighter who fled in the woods, cotton, 7 Cüceler'in shelter in his house, or something to teach them the rules of politeness had begun. She also prepares the dowry by the way, waiting for the prince. At last the prince came and took it, had met the queen at mercy of Rights. Turks are crazy, even the movies we uyarlamıştık Pamuk, David Değirmencioğlu also played the lead, God give wisdom idea!


    Disney was one of the most classic long metrajlarından. Little wooden boy Pinocchio a real boy to a bloody pulp uğraşmasını would take issue.
    Uzamasıydı bununun say the most important feature lies. In fact, my brother told me that you understand the claims that lie looked at my nose, korkuturdu me. This line is very beautiful blue dress, butterfly wings as far as I remember there was a fairy.


    I thought for years Gufi'yi creature. I learned later that the dog cinsindenmiş. Saftirik Gufi an animal.
    Fitted with Mickey and Donald, a lot of worry about the open top, of course, kick it at the end. Gufi'nin most famous adventure sports his house, bam, thud hitting the walls, the window flew story.

    Uncle Donald

    Miki's more to love so many of us, because it is very angry, good-natured and never boring at benzemezdi characters. Donald'ın Deyzi a lover named, was the nephew of three of the naughty.
    Per Donald'ın constantly in trouble small creatures. Go for a picnic, ants played dishes. Is forestry, naughty uğraşırdı Chipmunks. Wanted to make a hammock or enjoy it this time saldırırdı bees.
    Donald pop, poppin, galiz profanity tossed in a row can not understand. One feature of gezmesiydi donsuz. in principle only wears the top, bottom walked naked.

    Mickey mouse

    The world's most famous faresiydi. Lived with a dog named Pluto cibilliyeti unclear, the Mini he had a lover in mind a huge ribbon.
    Donald and the best friends of Gufi, along with adventure adventure runs, a thousand kinds of girerlerdi disguise. Caravan had turned into one of these homes, they live in this caravan, I was very fond of adventure.

    Inspector Gadget

    TRT belt line arrays was published in the summer vacation. The gadget was a hero unlike those. Each side is a tool, the top of the helicopter opened, followed by the wicked would fly in ours.
    Mechanism to work here or come on come on come on come on Gadget-Gadget ARMS KOPTER would have to say. Live in a different adventure in every episode, at the end yakalardı bad.

    Denver the last Dinosaur

    In a country where it would pass what you do in San Francisco, California.
    Donkey boy digging up the back garden of a group they found an egg, a dinosaur egg had to beef, blue-eyed cute dinoya, Denver, and then with the name of the realms akmışlardı Obsess.
    It took Denver söfçü shorts and sunglasses clothed beach, surf flo anlamazdı is also one of this dinosaur. Elton John's glasses in the form of stars into the rock n 'roll had Bilem. Fun came to us at that time.


    Star1 entered our lives with a line filmdi, especially the boys liked it more. Because it was about cars and trucks.
    Our hero is more than one way to fast cars and robot dönüşürlerdi twisting begins to bear. Then a nice dövüşürlerdi kötülerle. Toys everywhere covered, had been quite popular.


    Taşdevri'nin times last version of the future, all of them eccentric and modern.
    Robottandı servants, instead of the car was flying circles naturally. Yet I was more excited uyandırmazdı.

    Red Kit

    Kovboydu ever quick on the draw, not even the shadow of that rapid fire, continuous Joe, Jack, ran after the brothers William and Avarel Dalton, stupid dog, Rin Tin Tin's head to save trouble, would chat with veteran horse Düldül.
    Everyone loves a klasikti Red Kit, Milliyet newspaper comic had it for years. Red Kit disappears at the end of each adventure, while his horse sank into the sun, I would sing as a lone cowboy. Dress was always the same, but after years of smoking left, takes his place had become a weed in his mouth.
    Sarah Bernhard'la, Kalamiti adventures lived with Jane, a girl he once nişanlanmıştı NENS. Chinese washerwoman, the most popular tiplerdendi levazımatçısı vulture funeral. Mail truck company, Wells Fargo Co.. Banko was the slogan on the go. Bar drinks Kızılderililer'le peace, protects the small town of Daisy, mail cars were accompanying. Perfect man. I guess I was in love with Red Kit.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Instill the love of pizza, the Turkish youth film line. In this series, the Japanese sensei Splinter, Shredder is stored underground, with 4 tosbağası mutation exposed to radiation and the latest touch pad for the mouse turned into sewers.
    Tospaalar looked like a human being. Splinter and Shredder wears on them the names of favorite artists of the Renaissance salıyordu. They are always living in the underground sewage and continuous, but always ate pizza. There was a girl in helping them televizyoncu, April.
    There was a yellow bag and nothing else at this April's giymezdi. We fondly used to watch the turtles.


    This cartoon special channels, often later shown yayınlansa TRT won the popularity of the original. Very old, watch the first big-eyed, fluffy-haired, Japanese girls and çizgisiydi suffering.
    The most pathetic part of this right Candy's boyfriend Anthony's grace gained from his horse fell into the brain via çakılarak, Candycik "eentınii, eentiiniii" she had been crying destroyed. If you ask my mother, "cried oh so Entıni'ye" I still remember. Later Candy was bad, a lot of eskitmişti dear. I never izlemedim end of it.

    Yogi Bear

    His friend took him to a strange ship with a group of wandering, adventure, the adventure was a bear running. Continuous efeemm he speaks, open-per-thousand kinds of work, koşuştururdu right and left in a panic.
    Salaktı outright. Does the small Bobi Bobo, the more brilliant. But for me the most beautiful day I ate Yogi'li bald bear, even though we take now, if only, Yogi Bear bottle of honey that still remember the smell Bilem.
    İngilizce Olarak Ninja Kaplumbağaların Sevdikleri ve Sevmedikleri Şeyler - Çizgi film Kahramanlarının Özellikleri Nelerdir?


    Smurfs 3 apples tall, blue in color and also a group of hooded creature. They lived in a village at the foot of fungi, in the Smurf village imam of a reverend father he zatt bearded.
    It was donuyla red hat. But like the others he gezerdi topless. Later the village came to an ugly girl, cute daughter, Britney Spears father turned enchantments, had put the name of the Smurfs, Smurfs smurf because all entered together.
    Their bespectacled scholar shear, shear, cook, fat, lazy and sleepy shear, strong shear was muscular. But the most beautiful peşlerindeki Gargamel'di traitor, Azman'la cat tries to catch the Smurfs grumpy, birtürlü beceremezdi. Gargamel after years in the virtual world of our generation was the most preferred alias.

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    bugs bunny nin sevip sevmedikleri yapıp yapamadıkları neeeeeeee???????

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    Türkçe ingilizce karışık yazamyın ne işime yarıycak

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    çok saolun

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