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    Kantin kuralları ingilizce

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    1-..made foods for consumption in front of the canteen, the sale of hygiene must be a reliable and suitable for consumption field
    2-ventilation and flue pipe should be done to prevent odour along with all sorts of layout, you must have a.dequate and healthy environment enlightenment and warm up
    3-Kantinlerde; +.. marble, stainless steel or other material should be covered with cold and hot water, drinkable nature, countertop installation must be on a separate lavabosu, dish-washing and hand washing lavabosu Health Ministry authorized deflect-giving but also for the purpose of hand washing liquid hand SOAP and paper towels should be dezenfektanlı..forumacil
    4-Bench and the sink is located where the wall (excluding Cabinet sections) up to a height of at least 2 meters or light-colored tiles, marble, marble floor, easy to clean materials such as ceramic, tile, and so on with waterproof material should be Ground and the ceiling is covered with (unbroken, çatlaksız) and must be visible on the ground, to clean and dirty waters must be an easy-to-food kırıntılarının she goes


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