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    There is antique Patara city

    There is antique Patara city

    There is antique Patara city at the region of Antalya, 20 km. to west of Kaş. This city which had been established in B.C. 5th Century by Lycians received its name from us, son of Apollo, who established this city. In antique periods it is known that the city had been called as Phatara and Pitara. Patara which had been ruled by .ins for a period was called also with the name of the queen Arsinae, wife of Ptoleme-II.

    Patara which had been a very important city in the period of Lycians in respect to trade and military, as was written by the historian and traveler Herodot, had been famous with its fortunetellers. Saint Nicholas or with its another name the famous Santa Claus (Father Christmas) was borne in Patara in B.C. 3rd Century. The gate with three arches serving as entrance gate of the city other than the amphitheater which is a marvelous structure built at skirt of a high hill is included in the major Structures to be seen and visited.

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